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Alpine Museum

December 18, 11 am–6 pm:
The Alpine Museum on Praterinsel will celebrate its centennial with live music, food from the mountain region and guided tours illuminating the history of mountaineering.

The German Alpine Association, which runs the Alpine Museum, was already founded in 1869. But it took another four decades until the club of mountain enthusiasts opened its own museum in 1911. Since then, however, the history of the museum has been quiet disrupted. After its opening, the museum presented flora and fauna of the Alpine region and the most important alpinist of the pre-wars era. Then, during World War II the museum was destroyed and it took until 1996 to reopen the institution.



Today, the Alpine Museum alternates between exhibitions presenting modern Alpine themes and problems and historical shows. Currently, it deals with the history of the Alpine Association between 1918-1945 showing the rise of Alpine sports for the masses, but also critically tracing the Anti-Semitism and nationalism of members of the association during that period. Apart from the temporary exhibitions, a permanent section traces humankind's fascination of the mountains and mountaineering from the 17th century until World War II.

To celebrate the founding year of the museum, the Alpine Association will have a day of special events on December 18. On that day, visitors will get free cake, may enjoy a performance of 1920s New Orleans jazz and take free tours through the museum. There will also be prizes for visitors who give the museum a present that relates to the centennial in a witty or surprising way. For more information, visit

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