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October 2001

Purchase Orders

Attention shoppers: now serving the blue plate special

Deli Star® at Kare Sendlingerstr. 35–37 Tel. 230 87 35 Mon.–Fri. 10 am–8 pm; Sat. 10 am–4 pm Downstairs, in a corner of this youthful housewares store, this is an attractive and airy little café. Inside, the design is simple but warm, with red leather banquettes lining the walls. Outside, a beautiful courtyard with swank wooden furniture and lush greenery make for a peaceful city oasis. Aside from an appealing breakfast menu, offerings center on a range of toasted bagels (DM 6.50–8.50). The bagels—offered in classic varieties—might not pass muster with New Yorkers, but they are not bad. Fillings are more Munich than Manhattan, with such predictable combos as tomato, mozzarella and pesto and ham and cheese. Daily specials get a bit more exotic (arugula!), but don’t expect any gourmet surprises in Deli Star’s range of salads (DM 9.80) and various sandwiches, baguettes and wraps (DM 5.50–DM 7.20). And, don’t expect authenticity—the house “Mexican” wrap comprises tuna, sweet corn and lettuce!

The drinks here outshine the food. In addition to the house brand of coffee, served in a variety of ways, one may choose from an interesting variety of homemade hot and cold drinks, including smoothies, shakes, iced teas and freshly squeezed juices. Though the restaurant’s menu may be somewhat pedestrian, efficient service, reasonable prices and a pleasant atmosphere make this is a nice place to drop your bags and refuel.

FOOD 6, SERVICE 8, ATMOSPHERE 8 Wiener’s at Ludwig Beck Marienplatz 11 Tel. 23 69 18 09 Mon.–Fri. 10 am–8 pm; Sat. 10 am–4 pm This Viennese-style café hovers on a mezzanine above the ground floor of Ludwig Beck, Munich’s home of trendy clothing and fine music. The café’s décor is modern but dark and somber, lacking the Gemütlichkeit of the “real deal” found in Austria. Somehow, the whimsical design touch of cup-and-saucer light shades doesn’t quite gel. Wiener’s boasts a range of breakfast “packages,” from the “Quicky” (DM 5.80) to a generous spread (DM 18.90). For lunch, choose from a rather dreary selection of sandwiches and rolls (DM 6.50 –10.50) and salads (DM 5 –10.50). Such hot, traditional Austrian fare as schnitzel, crêpe-like Palatschinken and goulash soup prove tastier than their cold counterparts. A small selection of daily specials includes a soup, small or large main courses and a dessert, which may include apple strudel, Sacher torte or one of the café’s fruit-based cakes. Beverages include fresh-pressed juices (DM 7), among them the usual choices, and coffee brewed from the house brand, “Fidelio” (also available for sale by the pound). Coffees are served, in the civilized Viennese style, on a small tray with a glass of cold water. Though not as posh as the store in which it is housed, this is a popular spot for those who wish to rest their feet, enjoy a refreshment and gawk over the railing at crazed consumers below.

FOOD 6, SERVICE 7, ATMOSPHERE 6 Sushi Circle at Hertie Bahnhofplatz 7 Tel. 551 20 Mon.–Fri. 11 am–8 pm; Sat. 11 am–4 pm Nestled against a back wall of the Markthallen (food hall), this small sushi bar is based on a rather peculiar Japanese idea. Tall stools are arranged around a narrow U-shaped bar, in the middle of which stands the chef, and around which travels a narrow conveyor belt (kaiten) that constantly tempts you with a selection of sushi. If something takes your fancy, just help yourself. The plates are color-coded according to five price brackets: DM 3.50 (blue) buys four vegetable maki rolls or two mackerel nigri sushi, while gray (DM 9.50) is the color for delicacies, such as mussel nigri or salmon sashimi. If what you’re after doesn’t come past, the chef will make dishes to order. Soya sauce, gari (pickled ginger) and wasabi (very spicy horseradish paste) are provided free of charge. To complete the Japanese experience, have a cup of green tea (DM 3) or Asahi beer (DM 6.50) with your meal. Though the kaiten is quite amusing, when the novelty wears off it can feel as though you are eating at an assembly line. And it’s best to go at a busy time, otherwise you can’t help wondering how many circuits a plate has made before you remove it. Sushi Circle also sells great take-out lunch boxes, ranging from DM 15.50 for a generous vegetarian box to DM 24.50 for a lavish array of nigri and maki sushi.


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