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October 2001

Yawn Mower

Have you ever caught yourself in a slump at work or trapped in the existential woes of a dull home life? Have you ever wished there were someplace you could go to tap in to your inner child or to bring some excitement to an otherwise lackluster afternoon? If so, then may be your new haven. Filled with dozens of bizarre yet entertaining links—including one where you can pop your own virtual bubble wrap—the site offers hours of mindless pleasure. Make your own animated online film, have your dreams decoded, get free palm readings or even design a virtual lemonade stand and find out just how many soft drinks you can sell. Stifle those yawns with contests, brainteasers, quizzes, trivia, thousands of hilarious jokes, Hollywood gossip and, for the aspiring singer in all of us, online karaoke. And if, despite all your efforts, you still find yourself slipping into a world of tedium, there is a last resort: your very own online death clock that you can watch in your bog of boredom, counting the moments as they pass.

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