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May 2007

Bavaria's Rembrandt

German territories were at war for much of the 17th century. Perhaps as a consequence, German painters produced little world-class art at the time (at least in comparison to European neighbors). A list of notable German Baroque painters would be short indeed. At the bottom—after such recognizable names as Adam Elsheimer, Johann Liss, and Joachim Sandrart—would come the little-known Bavarian painter Christopher Paudiss. Although he was a student of Rembrandt, and possessed skill rivaling that of many of his contemporaries, Paudiss has been largely ignored by art historians. No exhibition or monograph has been devoted to his oeuvre. Now, the Dombergmuseum in Freising argues for his status as Baroque master with the first display of his works: “Christopher Paudiss: The Bavarian Rembrandt.” The exhibition will run until July 8. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm. To reach it by public transportation, take the S1 to Freising and walk 15 minutes up the hill. By car, take the Autobahn towards Deggendorf, exit Freising. Entry costs € 2.

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